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What's The Application Of Microfiber Fabric Roll

Sep 14, 2017

There are two kinds of microfiber fabric roll:

  1. Warp knitted microfiber fabric, which is not easily deformed.

    usually will be tailor to pieces, and used for multipurpose cleaning: car cleaning, household cleaning, kitchen cleaning, etc.

warp knitted- roll packing.jpg

Can be packed in roll, and easily to load. Width from 140cm-210 cm.

2. Weft knitted microfiber fabric, which is very soft, but will be deformed under strength.

     Usually be used for bathrobe, hood towel, sportwear, etc.

weft knitted- inner packing.png

weft knitted- outer packing.png

Usually be this packing, because it's hard to do roll packing for this weft knitting technic.

However, there is a same application of these two kinds fabrics: to make Printing Towels, especially for beach.