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Application Of Microfiber Towel Fabrci Roll

Mar 17, 2017

Microfiber is made from a type of synthetic fiber that is smaller than 1 denier, or 100 times smaller than a human hair. It is usually made from a combination of polyester and nylon (polyamide.) The fineness of the fabric creates a larger surface area and allows it to be more absorbent. Many hospitals use microfiber cleaning cloths because they are more efficient and effective than traditional antibacterial solutions. Microfiber cloth comes in many different forms, from a large nap for polishing cars, to a very fine, flat surface for cleaning electronics or upholstering furniture. It is important to choose the type of fabric you need carefully before buying microfiber.

1. Determine the quantity of microfiber cloth you will need. If it is a very large amount, or if you know you will be ordering regularly, you will want to buy it wholesale rather than using local suppliers.

  • Also keep in mind that the weight of a microfiber cloth is usually what drives the price on that particular cloth. The standard is 300 grams per square meter. Cheaper microfiber cloths will have closer to a 230 gsm. The weight affects both the durability and absorbency of the cloth

2. Determine what your microfiber cloths will be used for. There are several different types of microfiber cloths that are meant for several different purposes e.g. glass cleaning, polishing, general cleaning and abrasive cleaning.
  • You can buy plain microfiber cloth for a project, or pre-sewn cloth for a particular use. Many microfiber cloths are manufactured into towels, mops and dust rags, while other microfiber comes in bolts, like cotton or flannel at a fabric store.

3. Compare microfiber prices from bulk providers