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Types of bath towels

Dec 31, 2016

Plush bath towels, cotton towels woven with an extra of the yarn when the coil, the coil together to form a pile surface.

Plush bath towels, Plush bath towels-like, just bath towels side clipped and shorter coil, some people like a velvet effect, when used, non velour side should be as close to the skin, wash dry faster.

Bamboo fiber bath towel with bamboo fiber as raw material, through careful design and processing of multiple processes, to produce a set of healthy, green and beautiful new home textile products.

Printed bath towels, colour pattern printed on the plush or plush towels.

Jacquard towels Jacquard Loom, fabric decoration effect.

Embroidered bath towel, bath towel manufacturers to decorate the bathroom, towel embroidery.