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Sports towel selection techniques

Dec 31, 2016

One, to hang towels, spray a small amount of water, if the water is absorbed, note towels absorbency is very good, if there are water drops falling, you know;

B, with a clean wet wipes to identify solid stain, on selected towels paper towel rub back and forth a few times, will not fade, at a glance;

Third, buy material with burning method to identify and extract edge of a cotton yarn, black remnants of burned to ashes, no condensation, that is cotton or natural fiber;

Four products than pure, breathable fibers cotton product is better, but fiber than cotton towels and durable, and don't believe that fiber "sterilized" rumors;

Sports towel for five, try to choose a brand assurance, professional sports brand has its own sports towel, and some businesses are launched with breathable mesh surface of bamboo fiber towel in the middle.