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Microfiber towel usage considerations

Dec 31, 2016

1. Clean furniture, household appliances, kitchen utensils, sanitary ware, flooring, shoes, clothes, be sure to use a wet towel, not with a dry towel-dry towels dirty hard to clean.

2. special notice: tea towels with dirty or viscosity (dyes) must be cleaned in a timely manner, cannot wait for half a day or a day later to clean.

3. kitchen towel be used to wash the wok, especially rusting iron, iron will rust on adsorption by towels, easy to clean.

4. cannot be ironed a towel with an iron, without access to the hot water above 60 degrees.

5. cannot be washed in the washer and other clothing (towels too strong adsorption, if washed, many hairy, dirty things on sticks), unable to wash the towels and other products with bleach and supple Chai.